Drainage Contractors for Homes in Bucks County

Right after a heavy rain, where is all the water in your yard going? We can evaluate your storm water issues for drainage landscaping, dig a drainage trench that is positioned to whisk away rain runoff and fix other drainage problems in your yard. Perhaps you need some drainage for a retaining wall or someone to install a French drain to channel away water from your foundation. In many cases, a simple catch basin can be strategically placed to fix a problem.

Each situation is different and requires a different solution. Schedule a consultation today…preferably while the storm water is causing a problem.

Erosion Control Companies in Bucks County

Erosion control problems are often very different from drainage problems. But poor drainage can contribute to soil erosion around your home. If soil erosion is left unchecked, it can lead to foundation failure and severe property damage.

Trees, landscape plantings, grasses and proper contouring all help prevent soil erosion. After evaluating your particular soil erosion issue, we may suggest one or two of the following solutions:

Stepped Terraces help level out sections of your property allowing water to soak into the ground at a slower rate. Steeper slopes may require several terraces.

Installing retaining walls can help create redirect the water flow and block the soil from shifting. In both cases, we often recommend slow growing vegetation to help anchor the soil in place for the first 6-12 inches below the ground.

Are you having drainage or soil erosion challenges? Reach out to us today for a consultation.

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