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There is so much our residential landscaping services can do to help your curb appeal. Below are just a few short lists to stimulate ideas but the best way to find out if our professional landscaping services for homes can satisfy your needs is to just ask us.

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Tree Planting Service

More trees, the better we breathe. So we say “Plant More Trees”. October/November and Late April/Early May are best for planting new trees, shrubs and landscaping grasses.

The DCNR in Pennsylvania created this list of trees and plants that do well in our section of the world. We can recommend plants, shrubs and trees or you can provide us your list and we will procure the best quality from the top nurseries.

Landscape Installation

Yes, installing trees falls into this category of landscaping installations but also includes so much more. We often start with bed preparation. The soil must be right and properly built up. Too many plants die or struggle because the planting beds were not properly prepared. You can sit with our experts to select the perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses and annual flowers or just hire us to do the dirty work. Once we have installed all your plantings, we will include instructions for proper feeding and maintenance.

Included in this category is:
• Mulching and Garden Edging
• Installation of Landscape Stones
• Pond Construction & Water Features

Patio Designs & Hardscaping

We have some great pictures in our portfolio and plan on creating a more extensive hardscaping photo gallery here someday. Often, we get calls from clients that have great DIY intentions and never get back to completing the patio installation project. Building a patio is hard labor-intensive work and we are up to starting the job from scratch or taking over where you left off. This page lists some of the hardscaping projects we tackle.

Or if you already know what you want, contact us today and we can schedule the job.

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