Proper Pre-Emergent Lawn Treatments are Critical for Health of your Lawn

Turf Applications Make Beautiful Lawn

Similar to our own life, the health and longevity of your lawn is dependent on proper planning and scheduling. The use of pre-emergent lawn treatments, including fertilizers and herbicides, is fundamental in sustaining a healthy, lush and green lawn throughout spring and summer. Timing is the most important factor in using pre-emergent lawn weed treatments. Waiting too late to treat your lawn properly will result in crab and summer grasses infiltrating their way into your lawn despite the treatment. Following a few tips about using the proper treatment at the right time will ensure that your lawn is properly nourished all summer long.

Homeowners often labor over treating their lawns correctly.  And yet, crab and summer grasses seem to prevail in the war against weeds. Although it seems logical to begin treating your lawn with pre-emergent fertilizers and herbicides at the start of spring, this is too late in the weed-germination process to make a significant difference. With Spring comes the ability to work outside with greater warmth and longer days.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control Starts Early Spring

It is paramount to begin treating your lawn in the final weeks of winter before the soil has warmed up in anticipation of spring.  Try not to wait longer than the second week of April to start using pre-emergent treatments.

Executing your pre-emergent weed fighting techniques before the soil temperatures exceed 50-55 degrees will safeguard from new weeds germinating. Pre-Emergent Herbicides work with the ground soil by constructing a vapor obstruction below ground, effectively cutting off the energy catalyst with unwanted weed seeds. Simply stated, Pre-Emergent Herbicides create a barrier in the soil.  Not allowing seeds to germinate.  The importance in using an effective pre-emergent treatment is that it will halt these unwanted seeds from continuing to grow and take over your lawn.  Pre-Emergent Herbicides must get into the soil.  Whether you choose a liquid formulation or granular, the products must be watered into the soil by Mother Nature or irrigation.  Read the product labels so that you are familiar with how to maximize its potential.

Homeowners and lawn-care fanatics continue to struggle with weed control because of a simple lack of knowledge and knowhow to effectively apply pre-emergent treatments. The latest scientific evidence and university studies show that treating your lawn early with the proper treatment will produce the weed-free, lush, and healthy green lawn you expect. Please apply this advice on pre-emergent spring maintenance to maximize your lawn’s health.

Lawn Treatment Service in Bucks County

Integrated Pest Management (IPM):  DKC proudly uses IPM in all of its application procedures in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s IPM Standards.

The team of professionals at DKC are available to consult with you about the best time and products to apply to your lawn. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation at 215-860-5066.

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