Mulching Flower Beds & Around Trees

Aged organic mulch is used for a number of reasons. It improves the quality of your soil as it decomposes and helps reduce the loss of water by slowing evaporation. Properly mulched gardens and flower beds are beautiful while helping to control the weeds. The darker colored mulches allow less sunlight and therefore less moisture loss. Some of the types of mulch we deliver and install for clients in lower Bucks County are:

Bulk Mulch Delivery & Installation

Shredded Hardwood Mulch

  • Brown Mulch – Color Enhanced
  • Brown Mulch – Triple Cut & Natural
  • Black Mulch – Color Enhanced
  • Playground Mulch

Rubber Mulch and Inorganic Ground Cover

  • Pea Gravel
  • Rubber Playground Mulch
  • Drainage Stones for Gardening, Walkways and Fishponds

Let’s figure out how much mulch you are going to need this season

Mulch Calculator

If you like getting your hands dirty and wish to spread the mulch yourself, no problem. Super Convenient! Mulch is delivered to you. You just tell us how much and when you need it delivered. Use our mulch calculator to figure out how much you need.

All Mulches, Compost & Soil Conditioner
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