Tree Stump Removal Service

A chain saw might be in your landscaping arsenal, but tree stump grinding requires some heavy equipment that most homeowners don’t keep in the garage or shed. No worries, we have several stump grinders and woodchippers ready for action. Let us get rid of those decaying tree stumps for you fast and replace those wood chips with fresh topsoil. It is hard to plant anything new when there is a tree stump or two in the way. Stumps are also an invitation to termites, hornets and other pests, So call us today to take those tree stumps away.

Landscape Installations To Replace The Vacancy

Rather than just planting grass where your trees used to be, let the DKC’s landscape design team create a garden to attract butterflies or we can build a garden path that leads to an oasis in your own backyard.

We can build:
• Flower Beds
• Perennial Gardens
• Wooden Pergolas
• Fire Pits
• Water Features (Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls)

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