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As a Certified Arborist, proper tree trimming and removal practices are important to our owner. Our tree trimmers are highly trained in the ABC’s of Tree Pruning. When looking for a tree pruning service in Bucks County, it is important they are credentialed, have ready access to a tree doctor should the need arise and are experienced tree trimming companies with the right equipment to do the job right.

Your team at DKC meets all the above criteria. Our experts are ISA (International Society of Arborists) Certified.

Your team at DKC are experts in the various tree services we provide and the most reliable professionals in the lower Bucks County region. Why risk using the next best. Contact a DKC Tree Professional today.

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When is the Best Time to Trim Your Trees?

Light pruning and the removal of dead branches can be done at any time. This is especially important if there is any storm damage to your trees. Invite one of our tree experts out to evaluate any abnormal growth or discoloration on your tree branches.

Dormant Tree Pruning

Most trees in Pennsylvania will enter a dormancy period during the winter weeks. Each species is different and how mild the weather conditions are will dictate the optimum time for winter tree pruning. Early March is often the busiest season for our tree trimming services in Bucks County. Trimming trees in late winter always produces vibrant spring growth for flowering and ornamental trees in our region.

Summer Tree Pruning

Late June into early July is a good time to do some summer tree trimming. We prefer to wait until after the seasonal growth period. The reasons for summer tree and shrub pruning are to correct development issues, remove defective limbs and to clean up any invasive vines that may be overpowering some of your trees. If there is a pest infestation issue, we will see that presence during the summer months and take corrective actions before small problems become bigger problems.

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