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Why DKC? Because you want Quality, Speed, and Competitively Priced!

DKC Irrigation offers prompt, professional sprinkler service with a dedication to quality in both materials and workmanship.  DKC Irrigation Technicians have 20 years’ experience and are highly trained.  From routine inspections to urgent repair needs, you can expect the highest quality professionalism and small business personalization.  DKC has built a reputation as being “A Service Company” first.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the individual care each customer deserves. DKC is a privately owned and operated business that has been serving the Bucks County and surrounding areas since 1988. We are located in Langhorne, PA.  A great location that allows us to get to the majority of our customers within 20 minutes of travel.  We can fix any lawn sprinkler system, even the ones we didn’t install.   Whether you need service or repairs to your irrigation system, you’re in good hands.  DKC will be more than happy to review, repair or maintain your existing lawn sprinkler system.

We respond to calls and requests within 24hrs. Service, Quality, Speed. Call or contact us today.

Irrigation Repair Services and Packages:

Bronze (a la carte): Spring Start-Up, Mid-Season Check, and/or Winterization

Silver:   Spring Start-Up and Winterization and 5% off all repairs

Gold:     Spring Start-Up, Mid-Season Check, and Winterization and 10% off all repairs

Spring Startup

  • Open, inspect and restart your irrigation system for the upcoming season.
  • Mainline pressurization test
  • Zone water coverage inspection
  • Controller and rain sensor check
  • We will also repair any broken heads or other issues we find


  • Safeguard your system before it freezes to prevent costly damage.
  • Drain excess water from lines
  • Compressed air line drying
  • Sprinkler head inspection

Mid-Season Check

  • Inspect your irrigation system
  • Zone water coverage inspection
  • Controller and rain sensor check
  • We will also repair any broken heads or other issues we find

Referral Rewards:  Our growth has come from our reputation, customer service, and referrals. We want to thank customers with a 25% off your next winterization for any new DKC customer that signs up for an annual irrigation contract.

One of the most important aspects of owning a sprinkler system is servicing and maintaining it to keep it in optimal performance and protect your investment. DKC offers full repair and maintenance services including winterization, spring start up, repair and comprehensive checkups to all residential and commercial customers.

Call today and speak to one of the friendly customer service representatives to schedule your appointment. You will be assured that your sprinkler repair will be handled by the most friendly and efficient team of professional irrigation individuals in the lawn sprinkler industry. Our growth has been a steady process derived from referral after referral and every member of the DKC team knows that our customers are the reason for our success.

Irrigation Company in Bucks County With Expertise

Here’s what you can expect from the DKC Irrigation Team:

Your prescheduled appointment will be emailed to you with a reminder 24-48 hours beforehand

A uniformed DKC technician in a service vehicle will arrive at your home or community within the time window of your scheduled appointment.


At the start of every spring, your garden and lawn sprinkler system must be properly opened and set up for the coming season. Of course the BEST time for a spring start up is weather related and can vary year to year, but anytime from the end of March right through May can be the best time to have your lawn and garden irrigation system activated. We know understand you want your backyard, patios, gardens, and terraces ready for those fun summer day and nights, so DKC is here to help! The average spring start up or sprinkler system opening price is extremely competitive, so why wait. Contact us today.

For the convenience and savings of our clients, we offer annual Irrigation Maintenance service contracts. These ensure that your system will be cared for properly at the right time of year, and save you money when compared to ordering each of the services separately.

Why Winterization is Important!

Freezing temperatures and snow can be extremely harsh on your lawn sprinkler system’s components. A systematic and professional spring start up process for your sprinkler system must be performed to ensure the irrigation system is in top working order. A common misconception is that a sprinkler system turn on is “just turning on the valve”. On the contrary, DKC Irrigation has detailed, proven irrigation solutions to ensure your sprinkler system is operating at its best.

Being located in a region where temperatures can dip below freezing for an extended period of time requires every exterior lawn sprinkler system to be winterized, blown out, and shut down at the end of the season. The process will help to assure that the coming winter and freezing temperatures do not damage your lawn sprinkler system’s components and piping. A sprinkler winterization is also known as a sprinkler shut down, a blow out or a winter blowout. This service needs to be performed by not only a trained lawn sprinkler technician, but it requires the correct use of specialized equipment. All of the people on the DKC Irrigation Service Team are trained in the proper procedures to winterize and blow out any size underground lawn sprinkler, garden, or drip irrigation system. The equipment used is specifically regulated to deliver the precise amount of compressed air (based on manufacturer specifications) that will correctly remove the residual water in all of the systems’ main lines, lateral lines, manifold, and solenoid valves. When properly performed, the sprinkler heads, solenoid valves and piping will not be compromised by excess pressure or friction by an improperly regulated air compressor.

if not performed properly, damage can result to the irrigation system and will be evident the following season when the sprinkler system is started up again.

October 1st thru December 15th is the optimal time window to winterize and blow out your lawn sprinkler irrigation system. Our Irrigation Service Department will have already scheduled your planned maintenance visit and will be contacting you to remind you of that day and time window.

When winterized correctly, your lawn sprinkler system will be ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it over the winter season. As spring comes around again and the temperature begins to increase, you can be assured that the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at DKC will be on the job ready to continue our ongoing service relationship.

Contact us for more details or for a free estimate.


Q. When and how long should I water?

A. We recommend asking your lawn care professional for watering instructions. They are responsible for making sure all of the fertilizers and weed controls are working. Beyond that, we recommend that the system operate between 2am and 6am on even or odd days- whichever corresponds to your house number in order to abide by watering restrictions.

Q. Can I aerate my lawn?

A. Yes! Please call us today to schedule an aeration.

Q. Will I have to shut off the system when it rains?

A. Depends on the age of your sprinkler system. By law (The Water Conservation Act ), all new sprinkler systems come with an automatic rain sensor which will turn the system of when significant rainfall occurs f. It will automatically reset itself when the rain ends so even if you are on vacation your system knows what to do.

Q. What is the recommended yearly service?

A. Startup, Midyear, and Winterization.  There are multiple options. Please see our Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages.

Q. How often should the sprinkler system be run?

A. Each lawn has different sun and soil conditions, therefore, requiring varying amounts of water. It is better to water deep and infrequently rather than lightly every day. Other factors include the type of sprinklers used, direct sun, shade, soil conditions, slope, and temperature. Generally its best to water as much at once as possible without creating run-off, then waiting as long as possible before watering again.

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